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Meet Dawit Moges

CEO of Blessing the Children Development Organization

I grew up in Bishoftu, married in Bishoftu, now serve Bishoftu.

Dawit grew up in Bishoftu – just like the children he now helps. However, his story further proves as to why he is a wonderful fit for BCDO. Like many of the children in Bishoftu, his family was not well off. His father worked for a salary of $2. Dawit remembers growing up poor, hungry, and without his basic needs. This was until a lovely lady from Sweden decided to sponsor him until he finished his education.

Dawit went to post-secondary school, learning electrical and mechanical engineering. He then spent his time working for an electrical company. While working with the electrical company, he wanted to figure out “what his purpose on the Earth was”. He started working with Blessing the Children when they came to Debre Zeyit (Bishfotu). It was here when he decided that his journey will begin, and he left the electrical company to pursue his purpose.

I work with BCDO because it's my life's purpose - that's why I'm here.

Dawit started taking business management courses to further his education and become an asset for BCDO, BCI, and BCC. His hard work allows him to be a well-rounded CEO. His favourite part of BCDO is working with the children and seeing them succeed.

It's always good to work with children. They are everyone's future.

The Team

Co-Director of Finance and Admin
Co-Director of Finance and Administraton

Wegene Samuel Mengesha

Wegene was born in Nazret, Ethiopia. He received his Diploma in Accounting from Unity University College in 2001. He moved to Addis Ababa after his graduation to work as an accountant. He received his Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Adamas University in 2008. He currently has a Masters Degree in NGO Management from Leadstar International College.

Co-Director of Finance and Administration

Tigist Abdisa

Tigist was born in Bishoftu Kebele. She received her diploma in Information Technology (IT) from TVET College in 2011. She received her Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Admas University College in 2018.

Director of Social Working
Director of Social Work

Yegilwork Abdulkadir

Yegilwork was born in Jimma, Ethiopia and grew up in Addis Ababa. She received her diploma in Agriculture from Alage University in 2005. Her first degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Rift Valley University College in 2015. He has received her Master's Degree in Social Work and Community Service from Yoftahe International College.

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