Heathcare & Support Services


The children and their families receive regular checkups and treatments for any current or chronic illnesses. They are also given access to vaccination programs and are taught preventative healthcare.

Through public healthcare training, they receive the necessary education on diseases and nutrition. HIV training allows them to know how the disease spreads and how to prevent it. Nutrition training gives them the knowledge to provide themselves and their children the proper nutrition to grow up strong and healthy.

Support Services

An assigned social worker becomes an advocate for the families involved in the program. They re-evaluate the family’s needs during their regular visits and inform our Management Team of any changes to the allocation of their sponsorship funds.

Each family also receives counselling services. If there are special needs family members, they receive connections to services that can meet their needs. The social workers also share the gospel and provide spiritual support. They recommend local churches if needed.

Featured Story

Meet the future Doctor Tariku.

Estifanos Tariku was raised by his mother, Messay, who came from a violent household. She fled to Bishoftu to escape the violence and danger. She unfortunately lost the ability to walk when Estifanos was two years old. She had to rely on neighbours to help her care for her young son. 

When Estifanos was 10, his mother received a wheelchair from Blessing the Children. This blessing opened a whole new world for Messay and Estifanos. Around the same time, a missionary on a trip with Blessing the Children noticed Estifanos and decided on sponsoring him and his mother. Not only did the sponsor provided for their basic needs through monthly sponsorship, they keep in contact and visited them as Estifanos grew into his teen years.

Estifanos excels in academics and is a driven student with big goals. He wants to become a doctor. After taking his Grade 12 national exams in June, he realized how quickly his dreams can become reality. His exceptional scores secured a University placement. Thanks to another blessing in the form of a scholarship, Estifanos moved to Addis Ababa and started classes as a first-year medical student.

Did Estifanos' Story Touch You?

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