Blessing the Children has two academies in Bishoftu.

DZ Campus

Kindergarten, Elementary, & Middle School

There are 60 students enrolled in Kindergarten, starting at the age of four. Here in Ethiopia, Kindergarten lasts for three years before they are ready for Elementary. Our Kindergarten classes are an all-day event. Students learn subjects like numbers, the alphabet, colours and shapes. 

The DZ Campus educates 400 students between Grades One through Eight. The student body consists of sponsored children and children from the community. Our classes are intentionally small to maximize the time each student has with their teacher. Our students learn a variety of subjects including, Amharic, English, Civic Studies, and Computer Class. 

Bethlehem School

Kindergarten, Elementary, & Middle School

Our Kindergarten school at Bethlehem educates about 150 students. We proudly have seven staff members teaching our students. Just like DZ Campus, these Kindergarteners learn numbers, the alphabet, and maths. 

Bethlehem School educates 1000 students Grades One through Ten. Children sponsored through the Life Sponsorship program receive the necessary supplies (books and school supplies), as well as uniforms and tuition.

We believe that education is a long lasting impact.

Our Feeding Program

We understand how important food is in relation to education. All of our students participate in a feeding program where they receive breakfast and lunch. An example of lunch is, injera (Ethiopian Flatbread), stew, and pasta!

Our Views on Education

We want our schools to be a safe environment where the children of Bishoftu are exposed to new ideas, new thoughts, and are encouraged to dream big. Our sponsored children are ensured that they get supported through University. This is to make sure their big dreams are accomplished. 

Bethlehem Campus Principal
Degu Deme


DZ Campus Principal
Furtuna Taddese


Meet the Principals

Degu Deme

Sir Degu Deme is the principal of Bethlehem Campus. He was born in South Western Shoa, Wonchi Wereda. In 1974, he moved to Bishoftu for work. In 1986, re received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relationship from Addis Ababa University. In 2003, he received his Masters Degree in Educational Planning and Leadership from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University.

Furtuna Taddese

Furtuna is the principal of DZ Campus. She was born in Torhailoch, Addis Ababa. She received her Diploma in Chemistry from Saint Mary University in 2008. She moved to Bishoftu in 2008. In 2014, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Management and she is planning to do her Masters from Jimma University.

Featured Story

Meet Tizita Abreham

Tizita Abreham is 18 years old and has been in the Life Sponsorship Program for more than 10 years. She plans to go to University in the Fall of 2021. Her ambition is to become a doctor to save people from illness and early death. Tizita enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with her best friend, Feven. 

One day, some friends from church saw an advertisement for an opportunity to participate in a TV drama that is televised on a Christian TV channel. Tizita received an acting role on the series and travels to Addis for three hours every Thursday for filming. Tizita is a strong young woman who has become a leader in the community. She helps “lost” youth come to Jesus. She is Blessing the Children in action – taking what she has learned from school and ministry and applying it to create change in the local community. 

Inspired by Tizita's Story?

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